Deep in the heart of Texas a special breed of horse brought together a family of friends to form the HEART OF TEXAS MORGAN HORSE CLUB. The Morgan is the magnet that holds this bond. The first annual HEART OF TEXAS MORGAN HORSE CLUB meeting was held June 1, 1996 in Austin, Texas. There were 19 members in attendance. A year later we were more than 60 club members strong dedicated . . .

We have since sponsored many trail rides; hosted driving and nutritional clinics; raised over $4000 for St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital; sponsored classes and volunteered at the annual Heritage Classic Morgan Horse Show, and Pine Hill Combined Driving Event; presented an annual Fun Show with Morgan classes and promoted Morgans by participating in local parades and providing information and articles for local horse publications and newspapers. We've even gone on air touting a little Morgan history on a Houston radio station.

The HEART OF TEXAS MORGAN HORSE CLUB is a wonderful group of fun-loving friends brought together through their love of the MORGAN HORSE. Watch out, Texas!

Justin Morgan

Founder of the first American breed of horses — Founder of the only breed that traces to one foundation sire — Founder of the breed which more than any other answered all the needs of those sturdy pioneers of another day and has so ably filled twentieth century needs.

Justin Morgan

In 1789, the year George Washington became President of the United States, there was born in Springfield, Massachusetts an insignificant colt. His pedigree is still only surmised. But he became the foundation for the first American breed of horse. He was called "Figure", but was widely known by the name of the man who first owned him: Justin Morgan. He was able to produce offspring remarkably like himself, no matter what kind of mare he was bred to. He and his get worked hard during their lifetimes, earning the reputation that they could out-work, out-race, and out-shine any horse of their day. Morgans today trace back to Justin Morgan through his three sons: Sherman, Woodbury and Bulrush.

The history of the Morgan breed follows that of the United States. The Morgan was a popular cavalry mount, often used by cowboys and pony express riders as well as pioneers heading west. The Morgan was the premier trotting horse in America in the 1800’s, holding all trotting records for nearly 100 years. Morgans were also used extensively as Government Remount horses to upgrade the quality of western horses. The Morgan is significantly present in the history of many other American breeds, such as the Standardbred, Saddlebred, Quarter Horse, and Tennessee Walking Horse.

Morgan qualities include endurance, hardiness, longevity, tractability, intelligence and versatility. The original Morgan horse lived to be 32 years old - and worked every day of his life. Although "Figure" was a bay and bays and chestnuts predominate, you can also find a rainbow of color in the Morgan breed including blacks, buckskins, palominos and even grays.

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