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Sisterdale Parade

The Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club Parade Unit participated in its second parade, the Sisterdale Sesquicentennial Heritage Parade. This was Sisterdale's (population about 70) first ever parade but it was well organized and drew a large number of entries - about 76 or so. The parade route covered a short stretch of Highway 1376. At the end of the route, the entries simply turned around and returned to the formation area by the same route. Thus, spectators got to see the parade twice if they wanted to stay for the return trip, and we got to see the parade too as the entries nearer the front of the parade passed us on their way back to the formation area. This was great "bomb proofing" for the horses as floats and all sorts of antique, noisy farm machinery and other contraptions passed within only a few feet of us. The horses all did wonderful - special kudos go to our first time parade horses Clarendon of Quietude, driven by Nancy Stuhl, and Concert Sirius Robear, ridden by Garnet Dale. Other participants we: Royal Gait Destiny / Rhonda Dietrich; Duchess Aglow / Elaine McIntyre; and Yandidydle Endeavor / Glyn Dale. Special recognition goes to Glyn, who was recently promoted from parade pooper scooper to parade rider.

We demonstrated some of the Morgan's versatility with Nancy's and Clarendon's lovely black gig (they were turned out beautifully), Garnet with Robear's English tack, and Western tack/clothes on the other three horses and riders. Thanks to Rhonda for making matching saddle pad covers and hat bands for the Western riders.

This was probably our last parade for 1997. I hope more rider/drivers/leaders will join us in 1998. We had a lot of fun sharing our horses with the citizens of Texas this year.

June 13 Trail Ride

The trail ride at Kathy O'Brien and Joe Llanes' Limerick Stables on June 13th was the epitomy of what the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club is all about - FUN and relaxation with Morgans and friends! There was no problem finding the place with the new "Limerick Stables" sign artistically created by Amy Glasgow gracing the place. With trail-blazing Lisa Cox on her borrowed Morgan "wanna-be", leading the 8 riders and 2 drivers (and 2 passengers) through lovely fields of almost-green (because of the drought), and the grand "Sherwood Forest", how could we have anything but a wonderful time? Kathy added a little mystery to the day by instigating a fun search for the Lucky Horse Shoe that was hidden "somewhere". We thought for sure one of the little kids would find it, but that was not to be. Walter Glasgow was the lucky (or was that inside information he had?) finder. Thanks to everyone who made this great ride a fun part of HOTMHC history!

Schertz Fourth of July Parade


Our parade unit at the Schertz Fourth of July Parade. Participants were Elaine McIntyre on Dutchess, Rhonda Dietrich on Star and Garnet Dale on Endeavor. Not pictured was our Manure Manager, Glyn Dale.

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WOW!!!! Warren and I are still bowled over. We had over 150 able/disabled riders and with families over 400 people descend on Moss Rock Farm this past Saturday and it was a blast. Everyone had lots of fun and here is the best part. We raised $29,435.00 as of the day of the ride. We will net around $25,000 which is double from last year. Thanks to the HOTMHC members who participated, we hope there is a huge turnout from ya'll next year.



The Morgan out shines all the other breeds at the Texas State Fair! The beautiful black Morgan, Seeker, is attracting more attention than the Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Paso Fino, Arabian, Andalusion, Minitures and Percherons. Mark Mulligan and Seeker have been demonstrating true Morgan versatility riding in a western saddle with English bridle because they've been performing dressage movements and sliding stops all in the same show! Turn on forehand, turn on hindquarters, 1/2 pass, side pass, a couple of runs with sliding stops (which really gets the crowd cheering!), shoulder in and shoulder out, and three, two and even one tempe lead changes are some of the impressive movements being displayed. Thanks all the HOTMHC members and AMHA who contributed to make this possible!

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Morgan placing at Rowlett Creek Combined Driving Event:

Preliminary Pony:
1 - Mary Loy Brown driving Browden Rosalie
Preliminary Horse, Open:
3 - Charlie Smith driving Roadshow Darling
Preliminary Horse, Limit:
2 - Steven Moore driving Rumbrook Moonraker
3 - Jack Koch driving Sugarstone Crystalite
Training Horse:
1 - Bill Woodfin driving Firewheel Marissa
3 - Rick Pfeffer driving Polly Anna's Tootsie
6 - Lisa Clark driving Roadshow Ragtime Band
Best Cones:
John Green driving Roadshow St. Patrick

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1st Annual HOTMHC Fun Show Results

Class 1-In Hand, 2 yr olds and under
1st-Concealed Weapon/Kathy O'Brien
2nd-Robbie Sue's Success Story/Jerry Hess
3rd-Moody Blues/Marty Kiely
Class 2-In Hand, 3 yr olds and over
1st-Jennaker Run/Joe Llanes
2nd-SNR Sophistication/Barb Crochet
3rd-Dusty/Trish Crochet
4th-Sundown/Michelle Kiely
5th-Royal Gait Destiny/Rhonda Dietrich
6th-Concert Sirus Robear/Garnet Dale
Class 3-In Hand, Stallions
1st-Robbi Sue's Success Story/Jerry Hess
2nd-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
3rd-King/Donna Erickson
Class 4-Beginner's Pleasure Driving
1st-Taproot Wild Ginger/Ellen Foster
2nd-LCS Scoundrel/Linda Anderson
Class 5-Pleasure Driving
1st-RRS Supreme Starlite
Class 6-Obstacle Driving Course
1st-LCS Scoundrel/Michael Pavlov
2nd-Raintree Anticipation/Patricia Ryan
3rd-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
4th-Taproot Wild Ginger/Ellen Foster
Class 7-Trail Class
110-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
106-Royal Gait Destiny/Rhonda Dietrich
124-Moro Hill Mississippi/Kathleen Bergman
Class 8-Ride A Buck
113-Honey Chick/Linda Anderson
110-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
123-Bee/Donna Erickson
112-Yandidlye Endeavor/Garnet Dale
106-Royal Gait Destiny/Rhonda Dietrich
Class 9-Walk Only, Riders 17 and under, any tack
1st-Dusty/Trish Crochet
Class 10-Walk Only, Riders 18 and over, any tack
1st-Dutchess Aglow/Elaine McIntyre
2nd-Concert Sirus Robear/Garnet Dale
Class 11-Walk/Trot, riders 17 and under, any tack
1st-Glenmoor's Shortcake/Caro Novick
2nd-Strider/Meara McMains
3rd-Sundown/Michelle Kiely
4th-Corpus Cristi Bay/Kaleigh Anderson
Class 12-Walk/Trot, riders 18 and over, any tack
1st-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
2nd-Yandidlye Endeavor/Garnet Dale
3rd-Moro Hill Mississippi/Kathleen Bergman
4th-LCS Scoundrel/Michael Pavlov
5th-Royal Gait Destiny/Rhonda Dietrich
6th-Bee/Donna Erickson
Class 13-Pleasure Saddle, riders 17 and under, any tack
1st-Glenmoor's Shortcake/Caro Novick
2nd-Strider/Meara McMains
Class 14-Pleasure Saddle, riders 18 and over, any tack
1st-Honey Chick/Linda Anderson
2nd-Dutchess Aglow/Rhonda Dietrich
Class 15-Leadline
1st (tie)-LCS Scoundrel/Michael Ryan Pavlov
1st (tie)-SNR Sophistication/Trish Crochet
Class 16a-Egg and Spoon (riding)
1st-Honey Chick/Linda Anderson
2nd-Dutchess Aglow/Rhonda Dietrich
3rd-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
4th-Yandidlye Endeavor/Garnet Dale
5th-Corpus Christi Bay/Kaleigh Anderson
Class 16b-Egg and Spoon (driving)
1st-LCS Scoundrel/Pat Ryan and Michael Ryan Pavlov
Class 17-Costume Class
1st-SNR Sophistication/Trish Crochet
2nd-Royal Gait Destiny/Rhonda Dietrich
3rd-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
Class 18-Look Alike
1st-Dutchess Aglow and Royal Gait Destiny/Rhonda Dietrich
2nd-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
3rd-Concert Sirus Robear/Glyndon Dale
Class 19-Mounted Game Class (tennis balls in buckets and shoot and basketball)
1st-Corpus Christi Bay/Kaleigh Anderson
2nd-Clarendon of Quietude/Nancy Stuhl
3rd-Dutchess Aglow/Rhonda Dietrich
4th-Honey Chick/Linda Anderson

Some special thanks to people who helped make this happen....Kirk Dallas for a wonderful and educational job judging, Phil Crochet for photographing his first ever horse event, David and Sandy Hadley for the endless hours spent organizing the physical aspects of the event and the "attire" demonstration, Pat Ryan for the use of the beautiful Ryan Ranch facilities, Jennifer (the Ryan Ranch manager) for doing a lovely job passing out ribbons, Amy Glasgow for assisting the secretary with entries and class lists, Walter Glasgow for tabulating (scientifically) the high points awards and manning the exit gait, the folks behind the scenes at the Ryan Ranch who always manage to do a great job taking care of things, all the exhibitors, spectators and horses for making this a FUN and successful show, and last but definitely not least my husband Benjy Cox for manning the entrance gait and helping set up the event, along with keeping me sane. I couldn't have done it without all of you.

Let's start thinking about the 2nd annual. I would love your comments and suggestions on what we should and should not do for next year's show. There's always room for improvement. We all saw that HOTMHC is a fun club for showing so let's keep the fun "a happening". Look for my next post on how the day progressed and all the stories we have to share.
Thanks for letting me "Secretary" the show....I HAD A BLAST!!!!!

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