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What a wonderful time we had. Not only great food and lots of friendly conversation, but a splendid presentation by Jeanne Thomas. In case you missed it, the text of her talk, originally scheduled for the San Antonio AMHA Convention, starts on page 4 of the Newsletter. Unfortunately, these mere words on paper cannot show the joy and enthusiasm Jeanne has for her subject. A truly unique party!



The HOTMHC Parade unit participated in the annual Floresville Peanut Festival Parade on Saturday, October 12, 1998. There were 8 members, 2 junior members, 6 Morgan horses and a guest in attendance. Garnet Dale made the arrangements for the parade and coordinated the unit for the event.

Rhonda Dietrich and her gelding "Star", and Barb Crochet and Linda Jung´s coverboy "Rev" were on horseback. Then came Garnet and guest passenger, Ann Marmion, in a lovely Meadowbrook turnout pulled by her gelding "Endeavor". Two more turnouts followed. Nancy Stuhl and "Clarendon" in their black gig, and Elaine McIntyre and "Romney" in their Meadowbrook each carried passengers Trish and Eddie Crochet. And completing the unit, our lone hand horse, "Sophie", led by proud owners Susan and hubby Pat Wootton. Ellen Foster, walked with the unit as a grounds person and for "crowd control".

The short parade was even shorter for Garnet and Endeavor. As the unit reached the Wilson County Courthouse and grandstand, Endeavor was startled by a paper that blew under him. In the process he broke both shafts on his cart. However, quick response from some very helpful men in the crowd, and our own ground crew kept the incident from escalating further. Endeavor, Garnet and Ann were all unharmed. And, Endeavor was a perfect gentleman on the walk back to the trailers. A true Morgan horse. The rest of the unit completed the route without incident.

Anyone interested in particatating in the HOTMHC Parade unit should contact Garnet Dale, 830-216-9673, for more information. If you do not have a horse that is parade safe, you can join the "banner and ground crew". (And, now we do not have to poop scoop most parades)
by Ellen Foster

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The pool party at Lisa and Benjy Cox's Tai Pan Station on Sunday August 16, 1998 was nothing but fun!  The meeting was conducted at poolside with many of the members casting their vote on the by-law changes while in the pool.  All proposed by-law changes passed and everyone had fun visiting, swimming and exchanging pictures and videos of  their favorite Morgans!  Thank you to Benjy and Lisa Cox of Tai Pan Station for inviting us all there.  It was a wonderful afternoon!

The HOTMHC Booth at the Equestrian Market Days on August 22, 1998 brought in just under $100.  Everyone had a terrific time with many HOTMHC members there promoting Morgans.  Again, thanks to Lisa Cox for organizing this and transporting all the booth items!

open barn

On April 26th HOTMHC held an Open Barn at The Southern Farm of Gerald Kathe McGinnis in Jarrell.  Between 30 and 40 people attended IN THE RAIN! The following Morgans were shown in hand:  Futurity Macho Man, MCG Southern Contender, MCG Rumor Has It, LBF Lendonna, LPF Secret Affair and LCF Forever Yours, all owned by the McGinnis', Tabitha Catherine owned by Sandy Hadley, Clarendon of Quietude owned by Nancy Stuhl and LJ Morning Reveille, leased by Barbara Crochet and owned by Linda Jung.  Clarendon demonstrated hunt seat and Reveille was presented Western.

open bar Dave Hadley did a presentation on bits and Linda Green of Green Acres Quarter Horses in Waco showed how to wrap and bandage legs.  Then Kathe drove MCG Southern Contender and gave rides to children and adults attending.  It was a fun afternoon promoting Morgans - even in the rain!

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