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Shadow Mtn. Ranch Trail Ride On April 24, 1999 at the 1000 acre Shadow Mountain Ranch of Tom and Joyce Edwards, HOTMHC held another trail ride.  It was hard to find, but worth the effort.  There were six riders:  Rhonda Dietrich on Star, Nancy Stuhl on Clarendon, Kristin Sauer & friend Scott on Legacy and his Mom Mint Julep and Patty Casady (on Legacy's daughter) and friend Marie Hamilton.  Patty & Marie are friends of Kathe McGinnis who couldn't make it.  Also along, but without her snakebit horse was Elaine McIntyre. Tom was very kind to clear out trails for us and had marked trees with orange ribbon so we wouldn't get lost on his ranch.  After the ride, Tom and Joyce gave us a lovely barbecue lunch on their long porch with a cool breeze, a grand view and hundreds of hummingbirds buzzing plus a few wrens.  It was wonderful  Don't miss the next trail ride!
Submitted by Nancy Stuhl


On behalf of the Heart of Texas Morgan Horse Club and the 1999 Open Fun Show Committee I would first like to thank everyone who came out and participated in our first Open Fun show.

It was great to see such healthy competition and super fellowship between all the exhibitors and their horses. I also want to extend some heartfelt thanks to some special people behind the scenes who made this event happen. To Elaine McIntyre, President of HOTMHC, who found such a wonderful site for the show, and her husband Mac our trusted Barn Manager. To Sandy Hadley and Susan Wootton-2 super show secretaries who kept the show moving. To our outstanding announcer, Michael Grabowski, whose done more than just make the announcements on the planes for Southwest Airlines-will you announce our next show, please? To Lois Sauer, our gate steward and Garnet Dale, the paddock master-thanks for keeping those "ponies" going into the arena. To Jim James, our ring steward for all the words of encouragement. To Tom Sauer, our judge-What a fantastic job! To Rhonda Deitrich, who made it seem so effortless convincing businesses to sponsor classes and High Point awards. And, to all the generous class and high point sponsors. To Tricia Jumonville for the beautiful flowers for the exhibition class. And, Gail Robertson-our photographer's assistant. Let's not forget the photographer, Alice George and the farrier, Frank Cedena. Something else that people might not be aware of in putting  on the show is how helpful it is to have a show committee.

Our show committee was a group of hard working folks who took care of things and made it happen. I can't say enough thanks to Elaine McIntyre, David and Sandy Hadley, Rhonda Dietrich, Susan Wootton and Kathe McGinnis. And last, let us not forgot our spouses and partners who everyone always sees running around with towels, brushes, buckets and stuff, encouraging us and allowing us to have such fun with our equines.

I hope to see everyone attend our next fun show... Again, thanks to everyone for a wondering and fun filled day.
Show Manager

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Carriage Driving Morgan Style or, Monte, the Wonder Horse
The HOTMHC was invited to present a carriage driving demonstration for the Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Assoc. (TETRA) at its First Annual Convention held in Belton, TX January 22-24, 1999.

After several members had conflicts develop that prevented more extensive club participation, Ellen Foster and her three year-old stallion, Whippoorwill Vermont (aka Monte) were the lone participants.  They presented a lovely freestyle drive to the Jon Rivers narration that was prepared for the Texas State Fair presentation done in 1997.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that Monte had not been driven from May 1998 (when he came home from the Ryan Ranch) until January 13, 1999; and had only been driven about 6 days since then. Monte had not left DayBreak from May to January, had never driven in front of more than 10 people, had never driven on asphalt, had never seen mules, had never driven with other horses (and horses that had never seen carts), had never seen flashes while driven. The event went without "major" incident.  Ellen had a flat tire on her truck on Friday evening, had to vacuum Monte (another thing he had never had done) instead of bathe him due to the wind on the 22nd, and Monte "hopped" during the performance. Monte drew several visitors who made comments like, "Are you sure he's three?!" and "He's never been away from home?" and the ego boosting, "He's sooo gorgeous! and such a gentleman!" A very special thanks to Rhonda Dietrich, grounds person extrordinare.  Without her help, the trip would not have been possible.
Written by Ellen Foster